An Artist in Motion by Betsy Blue Photography

Color is the keyboard, the eyes are the harmonies, the soul is the piano with many strings. The artist is the hand that plays, touching one key or another, to cause vibrations in the soul.
— Wassily Kandinsky

Art speaks to our souls. It has the innate ability to take you to another time and space, to transport you through the simple act of witnessing art being created. Embracing our creativity gives us freedom from the mundane and sets our hearts on fire. Art is the music of the creator, the song of the soul. To witness this creation, is to witness life being breathed back into the world.

From photographer Betsy Tomasello of Betsy Blue Photography: “It’s been a huge passion of mine, for as long as I can remember, to support and celebrate those who passionately pursue what they were uniquely made to do. Ryan Moon and his wife Janice, are a pair of those exceptional souls who are so immensely gifted…and yet are so incredibly humble about it all. Ryan’s gift for painting, especially portraiture, truly inspires the deepest artist within me. And his beautiful, vivacious wife Janice, can literally do ANYTHING. She is one of my very favorite natural makeup artists, but she also is so gifted with hair styling, floristry, ceramics, art…and generally just makes me stand back in wonder. Both are incredible parents, supportive partners to each other, and wonderful human beings…all while managing to support each other solely as artists. Now THAT, is something that brings me unending joy and stirs my soul to create. 

I presented The Moons with the idea to shoot an Artist in Motion piece, wherein Janice would doll up one of my favorite muses, and I would photograph Ryan actually painting her portrait. What a dream team…some of my favorite people in the same room, just creating to create. Our hearts were so full by the time we were done, and to top it all off, my darling muse’s husband immediately purchased the featured art piece from Ryan. Heartbeat.  We as artists, seldom value our work for what it is truly worth. But we also seldom take the chance to just stand back and admire the process that is truly art, in itself. What a gift, what a treasure…to be surrounded by such joy-filled, humble artists, willing to share their many talents with me. I’m forever grateful for this life, and the opportunity we all have to find our calling and celebrate it together.”

Photographer, Stylist + Art Director: Betsy Blue Photography | Hair + Makeup: Janice Moon | Artist: Ryan Moon | Backdrop: Jessica Raye Dekker | Ring: Susie Saltzman | Venue: 10 North Central Studio | Film Lab: PhotoVision Prints

Untitled Design.jpg
Inspired by the intention and purpose behind each subject, Betsy approaches her work with a refined aesthetic. She began her career by simply pursuing a deeper connection with people, and has developed her craft into a multi-dimensional platform for her imagery.
— Betsy Tomasello